Fishing services and rental boats

We rent our boats only to our cottage customers.


Ylöstalo Farm is located close to one of Finland's best fishing areas making the place ideal for fishing trips and archipelago cruises. Ylöstalo Farm is situated only under 2 hours trip from Helsinki Port, without queuing to the ferries. The two simple reasons why our cottages and motorboats are so popular among Baltic catch and release fishermen.


There are a total of 8 rental speedboats (20, 30 and 60 hp). Boats can stay just in front of the cottages or in Ylöstalo's own port, where is a slipway for the boats and a place for boat trailers, too.


For the beginners, a local fishing guide can take you through your first steps, so that soon you are experiencing the excitement of sea fishing. You will receive the right equipment and the guide will take you to the best fishing spots. And for those keen fishermen - well, you can just get on with it.


Särkisalo is famous for its big pikes. The ever-biggest pikes in Finland are caught near Ylöstalo cottages, and every year the fishermen get several over 10 kg pikes. Fishing is mostly catch and release, smaller fish are prepared for food, too. The best season for big pike at the sea area is in the spring, before the spawning period in April and May. Also autumn is good fishing season, from September to November.


Big flocks of Baltic herrings attract the pike-perches and pikes to have their meals in the sea areas surrounding Särkisalo, also in the autumn. The most important fish arts are pike, pike-perch (zander), perch, brown trout, whitefish and baltic herring.


Watch the scenery in front of the cottages.


Fishing boats:


Rönnqvist + 60 HP 4-y Yamaha 150 € / day

2 x Scantic + 60 HP 4-y Yamaha 150 € / day / boat

3 x Rönnqvist + 20 HP 4-y Yamaha 90 € / day / boat

2 x Paro 475 + 30 HP 4-y Mercury 120 € / day / boat


20 HP boats are for 2 persons, 60 HP and 30 HP can take 3 persons. The rental time of the boats is 24 hours. The rental time of the boats is never longer than the renting of cottages. Please bring your own life jackets with you. 


Do not forget to leave the boats refueled. It is easy to refuel the boats in Förby Marina, which locates only 3,5 km from our cottages.


Boat delivery and return Ylöstalo's port. Please call Juha Karimo +358 40 540 4342.


You might need an app to navigate. Our fishing guide recommends Sailmate from the play store. It is free.


20 hp Ylöstalon vuokravene

20 hp rental motorboat


60 hp Ylöstalon vuokravene

60 hp rental motorboat


Boat rental terms



Instructions for boaters




Services for fishing groups


You can spend a rent-a-boat fishing day on the sea with your clients or staff guided by our partner fishing guide. After an outdoor day you can have a great meeting or party with lunch in our maritime party and conference facility Villa Meri. And finish the wonderful day by having a warm sauna.


If you want to get the most out of your fishing trip, we recommend that you hire a sport fishing guide, at least the first day, if you choose to stay more than one day. The fishing guides know the fishing grounds and help you to find the best spots for fishing. You are guaranteed to catch more fish and you’ll get to see more of the archipelago. Additionally you can fully concentrate on the fishing while the guide takes care of the navigation.


Ylöstalo has high quality cottages for accommodation. There are 8 cottages available on Ylöstalo Farm providing accommodation for up to 70 people. The bigger cottages can accommodate 10 people whereas the smallest ones 4. Take your friends with you and have a most pleasant fishing trip!



Fishing lisences


The fisheries management fee is required if you are 18-64 years of age and will be fishing with lures or traps or crayfishing. You can buy the fishing rights for one year (45 eur), for one week (15 eur) or for one day (6 eur). You can buy it for someone else, too. You need name, address and date of birth in the web shop, and you will get the lisence to your email address.

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